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Time series-based bifurcation analysis

Re-posting this one from my old university website. A brief introduction of my graduate research topic.

Studies in nonlinear time series analysis have provided reliable techniques for the evaluation of signals from dynamical systems. Some of these techniques are used to gain insights into the unknown physical processes, to do prediction, as well as to determine invariants associated to the dynamics of the system. Others are employed to determine whether irregularities in signals are due to the intrinsic nonlinearity of the system or are caused by extrinsic random processes impinging on the system. Several others are applied to build models capturing the dynamics of the system from the observed data. In this study, new methods to uncover the underlying mechanisms of dynamical systems using time series are introduced. This set of algorithms can be used to evaluate how sensitive the system is to the values of its parameters and how the system’s behavior changes as the parameters are varied. Since these issues are best explored by means of bifurcation diagrams (BDs), this work describes the algorithms in constructing BDs from time series.

Looking at how the brain works in real-time

Activation Maps

Re-posting this article on real-time functional MRI I wrote several years ago.

The technique known as functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) has been extensively used to elucidate the functions of the human brain. Functional MRI provides a “window” where we can see what part of the brain is involved when we think, smell, taste, feel, or move. These windows are the activation maps indicating sites in the subject’s brain that are activated while the subject performs a given task and are usually obtained after analyzing voluminous amount of functional MRI images.

Creating Articles Using the Article Manager Module in Phpwebsite (Simplified Version)

I have a couple of websites running phpwebsite. In these websites, I used the Article Manager module to handle article submission. I came up with a guide to help users of these sites. I am reposting the article here, which initially appeared at the Philippines Today website. The article is as follows:

To submit an article in this website, you need to have a username. If you already have one, you can login using the Log In box, which can be found in the left column of this page. If you don’t have an account yet, you can get one by signing up here. You only need a valid email address where your login credentials will be emailed.

After logging in, click here or the Submit An Article link from the Main menu box. A page containing an empty article will be displayed. See images below. Enter the necessary information, such as the article’s title, summary, and content, and click the Save Article button at the bottom of the page to post your article. The home page will be automatically updated with the summary of your article posted at the top of the Recent Article… section. It is that easy!