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Generate your own “research wordle”

my research wordle

Wordle is an online app for generating “word clouds”, a kind of visual representation for text data. It gives greater prominence to words (e.g., by  using larger font size or different font color) that appear more frequently in the provided text source or in the text of a given URL. SciVerse has a new app called “Author Wordle” that creates a wordle word cloud based on the titles of the last 100 publications of any author that can be found in Scopus.


Been out for a while. My last entry was last Nov 2009! It’s more than a year and a half ago! It’s time for a reboot. There are so many things to learn, so many ideas to explore. Time for an upgrade!

First task is to update to the latest version of WordPress. As of this writing, the most recent is WordPress 3.2.1. Dashboard -> Updates -> Update automatically -> Done! WordPress’ automatic update is a snap. Next is the look and feel of the blog. Time for a new theme. After a short search, I found Nikolaj Masnikov’s Emerald Stretch, a flexible-width, three-column theme, cool to the eye and liked it. Clicked install -> Activate -> Done! And my blog turned green.