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Creating Articles Using the Article Manager Module in Phpwebsite (Simplified Version)

I have a couple of websites running phpwebsite. In these websites, I used the Article Manager module to handle article submission. I came up with a guide to help users of these sites. I am reposting the article here, which initially appeared at the Philippines Today website. The article is as follows:

To submit an article in this website, you need to have a username. If you already have one, you can login using the Log In box, which can be found in the left column of this page. If you don’t have an account yet, you can get one by signing up here. You only need a valid email address where your login credentials will be emailed.

After logging in, click here or the Submit An Article link from the Main menu box. A page containing an empty article will be displayed. See images below. Enter the necessary information, such as the article’s title, summary, and content, and click the Save Article button at the bottom of the page to post your article. The home page will be automatically updated with the summary of your article posted at the top of the Recent Article… section. It is that easy!

Extending phpWebSite for mobile access

I have been using phpWebsite in a couple of websites I am administering. It provides a complete content management system and has several modules you can use in order to customize the contents of your site. You can exclude features you don’t need and install only the ones you will use. Most of all, phpWebsite is free and developed using PHP, an HTML-embedded scripting language that I am familiar with.

Recently, I have been thinking of providing a text-only version of my websites so that the contents can also be viewed using web-enabled mobile phones or text-only browsers. What I want for the text-only version is to have an index page that will display the title of the most recent entries with links to the full article and an entry page that will display the full content of a given article.

I started searching the Internet for a third party phpWebSite module that would do the trick, but to no avail. Because of this, I decided to make one myself. Since I am not still familiar with the inner workings of phpWebSite and how its modules are organized, I decided to make a script that is independent from it, not a phpWebSite module. However, the script will still be pulling out data from the phpWebSite database and possibly recycle some of the pre-defined functions already available in the package. Hopefully, I can rewrite the script as a full-pledged module in the future. The script’s organization and code is summarized next.