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Organizing Emails II: Yahoo! Mail Filters

In case you haven’t noticed yet, Yahoo! now offers unlimited storage for Yahoo! Mail. This means that you don’t have to delete old emails to keep your Inbox under the storage limit. You can now keep your emails for as long as you like and enjoy limitless storage for attachments and photos. Well, that is, if you comply with their anti-abuse limits.

With an unlimited storage, the number of emails in your Inbox can increase considerably with time. Sorting these emails manually into different folders can take a lot of your time. In this post, I will outline how to use Yahoo! Mail filters to automatically perform this task for you. Like in the previous post, we will create an example filter such that emails from family members will be automatically stored in a “family” folder.

Organizing emails in outlook express

Emails have become an integral part of our daily activities. For many of us, a day will not be complete without checking at least once our electronic mailboxes. And for those who are away from families and loved ones, life without an email is simply unthinkable.

Organizing emails can save you a lot of time especially when you’re receiving a lot of spam emails. For instance, all emails coming from family members can be stored in a folder different from the default Inbox folder. In the same way, emails from friends or from different mailing lists can also be separated into different folders. A bulk folder can also be created to store emails coming from someone you don’t know. Organizing your emails can also expedite the retrieval of previous emails in that you only need to search a specific folder rather than the entire Inbox folder.

To configure your mailer to deliver new emails automatically to different folders aside from the default inbox folder, you need to use filters or message rules as outlook express calls them. The step-by-step instruction in doing this in outlook express is given in the following paragraphs.