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Splitting 4D Nifti file into a series of 3D files in Matlab

NIfTI-1 is a data format proposed by the NifTI (Neuroimaging Informatics Technology Initiative) DFWG (Data Format Working Group) that can be used for storing neuroimaging datasets (e.g. MRI, functional MRI, etc.). This format is adapted from the widely used ANALYZE 7.5 format from Mayo Clinic. A Nifti file consists of a header part containing the meta-data and the raw image data itself. The header and the image data can be stored together in the same file with an *.nii extension or can be split into two files with an *.hdr extension for the header and an *.img extension for the image data.

Matlab scripting quick tip: Dual monitor setup

I have been using Matlab for almost all of my computing needs. It is very easy to program especially when dealing with matrices. It has also a rich library of graphical interface. You can easily build a highly interactive graphical user interface using its GUI development environment or GUIDE. If you are familiar with event-based programming, you will have no difficulty using GUIDE.

Here is a quick tip you might find useful when programming in Matlab.